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She Blinded Me With Technology

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 10:18 AM

So I'm at Costco the other day and as I'm in line, this girl comes up to me and asks if I know about the executive club, which is basically a $20 a year fee and you get 2% of your purchases back at your anniversary date. Normally I would have just asked for more info feigning interest or politely said no thanks. But not this time.

This wasn't your typical clipboard holding “would you like to sign up” type of thing. No, this conversation started with her using a Symbol PPC and scanning the barcode on my Costco card. Within seconds she was able to bring up on her screen, and show me, how much I've spent at Costco so far this year, and how much I would get back if I had signed up at the beginning of the year. All I kept thinking was “OMG, what an awesome way to use a mobile device! What a great way to use a somewhat non-customer-friendly looking device to perform a customer service process!” So I signed up for it (which I mean, $20, whatever...we buy alot of stuff for work and church as well as for home, so we'd get our $20 back no problem with the 2%).

But here's the point: there are opportunities for technology to be used all around us, in ways that haven't even been thought about yet! If you want to play with the kewlest technology, the latest stuff, and you work for a company that is open to you finding your own opportunities, then keep your eye out for ways that you can help other businesses use technology in ways they might never have thought of. Most of the time businesses haven't moved forward because they don't know how, don't understand what the costs are, or are too scared. All they need is someone to show them how.



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