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Happy Canada Day!

Saturday, July 1, 2006 4:12 PM

Today is Canada Day, the day we celebrate our great country's birth (and considering that we're the second largest country in the world, it must have been a c-section). So to help educate my non-Canadian friends *coughAmericanscough* here are some fun facts about Canada.

White House...we burned it
In 1812 American invaded Canada...er, tried to invade Canada. Not only did we beat them back, but we went to Washington and burnt the Whitehouse down. To hear a musical rendition of what went down, watch the video here.

Capt. Kirk is Canadian
Canada has always had talented people, and alot of them have made their success in America. You can check out the members of our “Walk of Fame“ here. And yes, Capt. Kirk is Canadian. Have you made fibre your friend?

Canada is Geeky
There's alot of kewl, geeky stuff happening in Canada. Consider the following:
- EA Canada is responsible for alot of the EA sports franchies, include NBA Live, FIFA soccer, and of course the Hockey line
- Do you have a Blackberry? Thank a Canadian. RIM (Research in Motion) is based out of Ontario
- Remember Baldur's Gate? Neverwinter Nights? How about Knights of hte Old Republic? All created by Bioware, a company from Edmonton AB.
- ATI, maker of graphics cards - Canadian
- Morgan Webb, geek goddess at G4TV - Canadian

Other Things We Claim
- Trvial Pursuit was created by a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and quizzing each other. True story.
- Bowlers in Canada have an option of 10 or 5 pin bowling
- Al Gross invented the Walkie Talkie back in 1938
- The McIntosh Apple (not the Apple Macintosh) was discovered in Canada
- Basketball, played world wide, was created by a Canadian: James Naismith

So anyway, there's alot about Canada you may or may not know about. We're not just that big land mass “somewhere up north“. We have alot going for us, and if you haven't visited I urge you to come and check us out!

Happy Canada Day!



# re: Happy Canada Day!

As I sit here typing this with my Carolina Hurricanes atop my head, I eternally thank Canada for Hockey!

BTW - it was very touching to have the Edmonton fans loudly sing the Star Spangled Banner and the Canadian National Anthem in Game 6. 7/1/2006 6:54 PM | Scott Miller

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