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Click...not for those approaching midlife crisis

Tuesday, July 4, 2006 6:02 AM

So yesterday we went to see Click, the new Adam Sandler movie. Don't let the previews fool you, this isn't a side-splitting comedy in the least. At its heart, its a “It's a Wonderful Life” meets “A Christmas Carol“. It has some really funny moments, and in a switch from alot of current comedies out there, all the funny parts aren't shown in the preview (seriously...you'll feel sorry for stuffed-animal ducks for the rest of your life).

But this movie isn't really meant to be a comedy. It's a glimpse into what many of us struggle with in reality: the balance between a successful career and the importance of family. Sandler plays a guy who's pushing to become a partner at his architecture firm (his boss is David Hasselhoff...who ROCKS...you can't not love David Hasselhoff!). He works late, he eats like crap, and he's sick more often then not. At this early point of the movie, I'm starting to count the similarities to my life and we're only 10 minutes in.

He decides he needs a universal remote one night and heads to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where he is given one by Morty, an odd man with a shop in the back of the store. As you can guess from the previews, the remote lets him control things in his life by fast forwarding through things, muting sound, pausing, etc. It also let's him go to different places in the past. He starts playing around with the remote, wanting to fast forward to different goals in his life (all career focussed) which take alot longer than he expected them to, and now he has to live with the guilt and consequences of what he missed and lost on the home front.

I'm turning 30 this year, and for me its a big milestone...the “halfway point” I like to think (being a good geek, I estimate pessimistically...life span is no exception). I look back at where I thought I'd be at 30 and where I'm at...and more importantly, where I'm headed. I've realized that the only difference between the teen years and the 20's is that you can drink after 18 (21 for all my Yank friends)...but the 20's is really all about finding yourself and discovering who you really are away from the safety net of parents and friends...a continuation of the teen years but just at a higher level of difficulty. What are the habits I've adopted, what are the values I've decided on, what's the moral baseline I'm going to set my life on, what are the things that I say are important to me and what are the things that my actions say are important to me...these are all the things that I've been thinking about heading into my 4th decade (it didn't help that there was a preview for the new Zack Braff movie “The Last Kiss”. Watch the preview, you'll understand what a midlife-crisis appetizer that was). This movie, at a deeper level than it probably intended, is actually really thought provoking in what it really means to be a successful husband, father, son, friend (although, oddly enough, he didn't have any in the movie...or maybe not all that odd), and businessman...if that last one even really matters compared to the others.

Anyway, definately 4 outta 5 for this one. If you're going through an early mid-life crisis though, expect it to be more than just an evening of entertainment with some good moral lessons at the end. Next thing you know, you'll end up blogging about way too much personal stuff on a public-forum blog community that's supposed to be about tech.



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