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First Ever CN-Cloned GWB Who Said It Game

Saturday, July 8, 2006 8:20 AM

I did this post a while back talking about Chris talking about some big red billboards and some hot toe picking. So I thought “What better way to see if you all are actually reading the main feed than by having our own little game of 'Who said it?'. Some may be easy, but a few might be a bit tougher.

Congrats to George who was the first to answer them all correctly! I'll contact the Mad Mexican and get your autographed picture within the next 2 days

But I think we should open this up a bit, so...the next FIVE people who email their answers to me at d_lussier@shaw.ca will get an autographed pic of the Mad Mexican as well! (I switched from posting in the comments to email because otherwise you guys would see all the answers).
[end Edit]

So the next five people with all correct answers will get a free virtual autographed picture of the Mad Mexican. Ready?



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