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CFL and Smackdown

Sunday, July 9, 2006 6:06 AM

So I split my predictions for this week, finishing 2 outta 4. The Bombers and Alouettes won as I predicted, but apparantly predicting the western winners is going to be a crap shoot. There's just no continuity out there with those teams, but such is life in the CFL. Bombers play the Alouettes next weekend, which will be the true test for the blue and gold.

Mad Mexican Checks out Mysterio
Last night a buddy and I went to the local arena to check out the WWE Smackdown house show, and yes...the Mad Mexican made an appearnce! People ate up the mask, it was awesome. I went to buy a drink at the intermission and totally freaked out the girl manning the booth.
”I'm Rey Mysterio...I hear I get free drinks?”
”Hmmm...do you take Pesos?”
”No, no we don't.”
”Alright...I think I have Canadian on me...”

She was a good sport though...just a little shocked. Then we did a lap inside the arena where people were checking out the mask (I offered free autographs but no takers), kids with the cheapo Rey masks they were selling stared in awe of my mask-ness, and two ladies and some guy with them asked me for a hug (er...that might have had more to do with the beer they were holding than just my mask alone).

Great event put on by the WWE, and you can read the results here if you're interested.

And now...back to work, as the weekend of work continues...



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