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Oh who thought THIS was a good idea?!

Saturday, July 15, 2006 5:58 AM

So I'm walking in Chapters (Canadian bookstore chain) through the fiction section when I notice a trade paperback...and not just because Torrie Wilson was on the cover. It was a WWE based book called Big Apple Takedown...but it was in the fiction section...no autobiography or anything of some muscle clad roid rager. Interesting, I thought. So I read the synopsis on the back and seriously, I can't make this crap up:

“December 2001: Vince McMahon steps out of a snowy night into a diner in upstate New York for a meeting with old friend Phil Thomson, now a highly placed government official. Thomson has a strange proposition: creating a new covert black-ops group using the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE's talented men and women are perfect. Highly skilled athletes with the ideal cover, they travel all across the country and the globe; no one would find it unusual to find them in a town one day and gone the next. The government would train and support the wrestlers in any way possible except one: No one could know the truth.

March 2006: The Superstars have been handed their latest assignment: take down a commercial-grade methyl-amphetamine plant that is bankrolling terrorist activities in Europe. Their mission seems simple and straightforward, until a member of their team is taken prisoner. Now all that they've worked so hard for is in jeopardy, and one of their own might be killed....”

This has this horrible feeling like someone at WWE wrote this up as a screenplay for another horrible WWE funded movie, but the project fell through. Instead, in a congac induced stupor, Vinnie Mac must have made a business decision to sell the screenplay as a  book because he liked the idea of playing Charlie to his WWE roster of Angels.

Stick to the ring Vince...the dialogue there can be pretty sketchy as it is...I can just imagine what this book must be like.



# re: Oh who thought THIS was a good idea?!

I saw this listed a couple of weeks back. I think I'm going to have to read it in the store simply because of the description. 7/15/2006 5:17 PM | Justice~!

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