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CFL Week 6 Predictions

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:46 PM

It's week 6 in the CFL, and we have a full game schedule to talk about this week! Two games tomorrow night, one on Friday, and one on Saturday. Let's get to it!

Montreal over Hamilton
Hamilton did the upset last week against Calgary, but Montreal is NOT Calgary by any stretch. Hamilton gets tamed once again and fortifies that basement spot in the CFL East.

Winnipeg over Edmonton
Now realize that I'm NOT cheering for Winnipeg this year, but I have to give them credit: for 30 minutes they looked awesome against the Als. And they've been pretty consistent (they lose to the Als, and beat anyone who isn't the Als). Edmonton has been very inconsistent as well, and I think there's still issues in that organization. Winnipeg gets the nod in this one.

Calgary over BC
BC would have been the shoe in for this matchup, but BC is not the dominating force they normally are...and Calgary is one of those fiesty teams that can come out swinging at any time. Calgary gets this one.

Sask over Toronto
Even if Damon Allen is well enough to come back, they have a horrible o-line and their running game has been non-existent. Sask is like Calgary: you never know what you're going to get. But for this season so far, you do know what you get with Toronto: a whole lotta suck. Roughriders will take this one.

So enjoy the games this week! Let's see how they turn out.



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