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CFL Results for Week 6

Saturday, July 22, 2006 9:50 PM

What a wild week in the CFL for week 6! I went 2 outta 4 for this week, although that Toronto/Sask game today was VERY close.

Montreal 41 - Hamilton 38
Montreal won as expected, but it was a LOT closer than anyone guessed. Slow start for Montreal but they picked up steam and came out on top.

Winnipeg 25 - Edmonton 22
The thrilla for the week! Unbelievable finish, with the Bombers fumbling with about a minute left, Edmonton taking the lead on a touchdown with 15 seconds to go, and Winnipeg winning it on the last play of regulation with a 100yard touchdown pass! Horrible first half, great second half.

BC 43 - Calgary 20
Ok, I give up with calling western games. Seriously, there is NO continuity with these guys. BC has looked pretty bad at certain points, and Calgary has shown lots of energy...but to just roll over and get beaten so bad...its beyond me. Good job on BC's part to pick apart Calgary.

Toronto 26 - Sask 23
Another stellar game to cap off the week! The Roughriders looked dead for most of the game...horrible offense in the first half. Toronto looked alright in the first half, but then Ricky Williams went out with an injury. Then Spurgyn Wynn got ROCKED and knocked out of the game...crazy hit. In comes Couch, the third stringer who also happens to be a Heisman trophy winner. Toronto continues to play well through the second half until the last few minutes of the game where they allow Saskatchewan to score two touchdowns and come within a 2pt conversion of tying the game. Luckily for TO, a sack put the 2 pts out of reach. What will be talked about for the next week will be an early decision to go for it on 3rd and 1 instead of kicking a field goal...they didn't make the 3rd down btw.

Interesting side note: Doug Flutie was close to re-signing with Toronto...but the deal fell through for whatever reason...interesting side story though.



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