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James Wall - Let's see how good your service is

Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:08 AM

There's a local company called James Wall Plumbing and Heating. We need to get our furnace cleaned up, so I called today after browsing their website. I was given a date of the 21st, but I asked about their Saturday service which they mention here. She says that they don't do Saturday service. Huh? Your website says so...

But whatever...the website is a little crappy to begin with. But their a heating/cooling company, so what do you expect right?

They do alot of radio ads about how great they are, so let's see what level of customer service we get.



# re: James Wall - Let's see how good your service is

So, How did they do? 10/4/2006 11:58 AM | JP

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