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Apparantly I'm Really Bummed About Safari...

Sunday, October 1, 2006 4:14 AM

K, so I'm dreaming last night...some weird thing about visiting some weird store...can't remember all the details...except this one:

I'm talking to some of the sales guys at this weird store, and notice once has a Mac. I ask him to go to Amazon.com with Safari. When he tries to go there, he gets an error saying that javascript is on this page and can't be rendered. I then proceed to tell him about my woes using Safari with certain sites.

And I'm not raggin' on GWB...any Microsoft-based site has issues. We tried to view my sister-in-law's MSN Spaces site, to no avail. And forget trying to log into Windows Passport (or whatever they're re-branding it now). Got some funky errors there too.

Anyway...more weird dream stuff...where's my coffee?...



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