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CFL - Playoff Predictions

Saturday, November 4, 2006 6:03 AM

I stopped trying to predict CFL game mid-season, since it was just becoming an exercise in futility. The only consistent team this year that you could reliably say "They're going to win" was the BC Lions. Everyone else flip-flopped between greatness and suckfest. Going into the last week of the season there was still a possibility of ending in a three way tie for first in the East...which, considering there are only 4 teams in the East, doesn't say much for the top three teams. However, things all worked out as they should have, and the Montreal Alouettes are the #1 team in the East. Booya!

Here are my predictions for the semi's this Sunday:

Toronto over Winnipeg

The Bombers will be in Winnipeg for the Grey Cup this year...they'll just be sitting in the stands. Kevin Glen has a busted ankle, and although he says he's ok to play I have my doubts. Doug Brown has some shoulder issues too...not the diagnosis you want from two of your star players going into an important game. Toronto on the other hand should be pi$$ed off that they lost the shot at ending in first, and if they bring their A-game, they should win this one. Could be close though, but Toronto on top.

Saskatchewan over Calgary

Both these teams are pretty much equal, with Calgary having the extra win. Both are inconsistent, winning games they should have, but losing just as many that left you wondering WTF. Yes they're in Calgary, yes they won't have the Roughrider mascot, and yes Calgary is a strong team...but for some reason I think the Roughriders might want this a bit more. Of course, when you factor in Reynolds and Burris, Calgary definately looks to be the stronger on paper...but I'll go with the green riders to play spoilers this week.

Of course, none of this really matters since Montreal and BC will be going at it for the Grey Cup this year.


Enjoy the games!



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