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Today is the last day of my old life

Sunday, December 10, 2006 9:09 PM
I've posted before about wanting to get in shape, lose weight, and generally get into a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunatley the last few times I've tried haven't worked out in the long term. But now I think I'm in the best position to make some real changes.

I've enlisted the help of Elite, a local fitness outfit headed up by the former trainer for our CFL team. I go for my first work out tomorrow morning at 6AM, and I also get my new diet tomorrow morning as well. That's right...diet...as in "I can eat whatever I want on the 7th day of the week, but the other 6 I follow the program". I'm really pumped about getting into this though! I'm hoping for big results over the next three months, but its also dependant on how hard I'm willing to work. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Back to the real world tomorrow...sigh.


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Definitely keep me informed. I want to make sure you look as good as possible while wearing that BC Lions jersey in Montreal. I also want to know how much agony I'm going to go through in the new year too. Maybe we should test our success/failure by seeing if Rob, you and I can fit into that cab at DevTeach? 12/11/2006 6:38 AM | Donald Belcham

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So is the Mad Mexican planning a stellar comeback in the ring? 12/11/2006 7:37 AM | Jason Row

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Heya D'Arcy,

Good luck with your diet. I don't know if you noticed when we were at lunch the other day, but I have lost a few pounds myself. I got as low as 200.4 at one point, and am now holding steady at ~220. I was using the South Beach Diet myself - though diet is such a total misnomer for South Beach. It really is about making correct food choices, and most importantly not ever starving yourself. I actually couldn't eat all the food I was supposed when I was really into the swing of it. Unfortunately I gave into the notion of buying sweets at movies and it was a rather quick fall off the wagon after that (hence back to ~220). But I am still a good bit below my upper weight, and am now psyching myself up to return to the Beach in January.

Good luck man! We need to do lunch more often than once a year!

Keith. 12/12/2006 1:25 PM | Keith

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