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Blog Tag - Matt says I'm It!

Friday, December 29, 2006 9:13 AM

Matt posted on his blog about his 5 things nobody knew about him, and I'm now tagged, so here are mine:

1. I never graduated High School. That's right...I'm a drop out. I only needed a few more credits, but grade 11 math was a bore and besides, I was making good money at a certain restaurant with golden arches, which I was convinced I'd spend the rest of my life making a career out of. I got to the rank of Second Assistant Manager before realizing that the lifestyle we wanted didn't match the career choice, so I went to a local community college, took a mandatory upgrade course (well, it wasn't really upgrading...more like grade 11 101 all over again), and then went into my technology course. So yes, I graduated from College before I graduated from High School.

2. I was a huge video game kid back in the day. I was the typical loner, nerd, target-of-bullies at school in my elementary and jr high days, and Nintendo became my best friend. Not only did I paste ads for games all over my wall like some jocks would do for their sports heroes, but I also (here's the point of this) ran the Trapper's Power Club. Nintendo Canada sent out a quarterly newsletter for free, and they encouraged people to create what was in essence Nintendo user groups. Because I lived in The Pas and we had a Trapper's Festival there every year, I named it Trapper's. I guess it was foreshadowing for my user group experience that was yet to come.

3. The only computer I owned growing up was an Apple 2. I didn't get my first Windows based computer until I was 20 or 21, so I don't have the same understanding of what the good ol' days were like back when 16 kb of ram was unreal and Amiga was the "next cool thing".

4. Many know that I have a love for the Atlanta Falcons, but some may wonder why. I mean, I live in Manitoba and have never even visited Georgia. So here's the story: as a young lad I collected baseball cards. I decided one year to start collecting Football cards as well. As I started my collection, I wondered what team I should cheer for, because every fan needs to have a team right? So I went through my cards trying to find the coolest logo. The Falcons, for whatever reason, stuck out, and I've been a fan ever since. I can remember when Bobby Hebert was the QB, and Jeff George. I remember when Dion Sanders played CB for us. I remember the Jerry Glanville era and I can do the Dirty Bird like no other.

5. I'm sure all my American friends think that us Canadians can do this out of the womb, or at least that its a subject in elementary school that we must learn, but the truth is that neither are true. And at the risk of being shunned by my fellow Canucks, I must admit: I can't skate. Never learned. I mean, I can lace them up and get around a rink after a few go-arounds, but you wouldn't want me on your hockey team. And don't even think about me skating backwards...nuh-uh.

So there, that's my five things. So I have to tag 5 more people eh? Not sure if they've done this yet, but let's pick Donald Belcham, Justice Gray, Steve Rockarts, Rob Windsor, andNolan Zakk.




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