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Not So Great Workout...

Saturday, December 30, 2006 11:38 AM

Well, it was a good workout this morning...second one in as many days. Today was a "Cardio Day", so it looked something like this:

10 min bike
10 min treadmill
3 x 60 lunges (with weights)
3 x 150 sissys
4 x 40 kick backs/kick ups
3 x 100 sumos
10 side to sides, varied difficulty level

It was a pretty intense workout, and I didn't finish all my set. It was more of a time issue more than anything; that many exercises in 2 hours is alot for the pace I go. I started later to (9am), so by 11 I still had all my sissy's to do and about a set and a half of the lunges. But everything else was crossed off, and we had some plans for this afternoon so I called it a workout. It's always that balance between the logical side saying "you've done enough, you're good" and the other part of your brain that pushes you beyond your limits, and tells you that it doesn't matter how tired you are or how long its been, that what's important is finishing. So I still had a really good workout today...but from a personal/mental point of view, it could have been better.



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