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First Workout of 2007...and its a dud!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007 8:39 AM

I had the worst workout of my life today...well, technically that basketball team practice back in Jr. High where I couldn't keep running all those laps and had to "tie my shoelaces" every 2nd lap may have been the worst...but I digress...

I went in with a horrible attitude to begin with...apparantly I didn't sleep well either from what my wife tells me, and I was just tired and feeling "whatever".

So then we start into the workout, and I look at the stuff I have to do, and immediately feel a bit overwhelmed. I've noticed a trend over the last few weeks: my reps and sets have been increasing. The problem is that I'm not able to complete all those reps and sets in the same amount of time that I was completing them when I first started (and there were less of each). Over the last bit I've noticed some of the trainers saying things like "are you still here" or "should I call your boss and tell them you'll be late?" etc, etc. Now, I know that trainers are supposed to push you. That's what I do like about this place, because I'd never push myself as hard as they do. But today I was hitting the 1.5 hour mark, I had still a good 25% of my workout to complete, and the trainer that was on comes over and says "You're still here?". I mean, she wasn't looking to be mean or anything, but I thought "f*!k this" and ended my workout early. I was totally just demotivated at that point.

So anyway, the moral of the story is: if you're going to a trainer and you feel that something needs to be changed, tell them about it. I'm meeting with the main trainer on Monday about something else and will talk to him about reducing the sets/reps since I typically take my time and I'm finding it hard to fill the workouts into an hour or hour and a half.



# re: First Workout of 2007...and its a dud!

Dude, that's rough. Keeps those spirits up though, you might be hitting a rough patch right now, but you're totally being a motivation to me.

Wifey and I are planning on sitting down and figuring out some way of getting active and healthier and it's reading your stories that have been firing me up to actually be willing to do that.

Get the adjustments made to that routine and keep up the great work! You're rocking it! 1/3/2007 9:12 AM | George

# re: First Workout of 2007...and its a dud!

If you are doing 90 minutes of training every day, you are *overtraining*, man. No wonder you feel tired/wiped - unless that's 45 min of weights and 45 mins of not *too* intense cardio.

1/3/2007 10:42 AM | Justice~!

# re: First Workout of 2007...and its a dud!

Well, here's what I did today:

10 minutes bike
20 minutes bike alternating between lvl 3 and 20
10 minutes treadmill (3.9 at 15degree incline)
5 x 60 2/10's (lie on your back, put your legs up and swing them like a pendulum back and forth...works the abs)
2 x 150 sissys (again, not conducive to the name)
3 x 15/15/15 (three different types of pushups

So not sure if that's overtraining or not...?

D 1/3/2007 10:56 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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