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Finished the week STRONG!

Friday, January 5, 2007 8:33 AM

Great workout this morning! I totally put Wednesdays disaster behind me and pushed ahead this morning with a different attitude, and that's what got me through. I worked a bit more with Jeff this morning too, and he's awesome for pushing limits. I would have given myself a minute break in between, where he pushed me to 15 secons between weight sets. Cardio was good, weights were good...all in all a great workout to jumpstart the weekend!

It's really true that the most important body part when working out is your mind. If you go in with the attitude of wanting to overcome things, then you do it. If you go in thinking that you have to "take it easy" or that you don't want to "strain yourself", then you're finished. Working out is all about pushing limits, and its in pushing those limits that you succeed and get results. If you can, pick up the current issue of Wired magazine (the one with the body on the cover). THere's an article in there about this guy who started long-distance running just on the spur of a drunken moment, and has never stopped. He's run 50 marathons in 50 days. He ran something like 3 days straight without sleep. Crazy stuff, but very motivating. He has a list of 10 things that have helped him get to where he is, and audacity and pushing limits are two of them. Great article.

FInally, I leave you all with this scene from Any Given Sunday. I watched it this morning before working out to try and get some motivation going, and I found it worked. (warning: a few f-bombs in there...)


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