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PDA Saga Comes to an End

Saturday, January 6, 2007 11:35 AM

So after much wrestling with getting the Treo 700wx to work within the Mac environment, I've finally waved the white flag. We talked about it, and she was saying that she wasn't super comfortable with the Treo anyway...she just wanted something easy to use and she said she wouldn't have used most of the features anyway. So we went out and got a Mac-friendly device instead: Palm Tungsten E2. I still needed to purchase the Missing Synch for Palm though to be able to easily synch with iCal and the Mac Address Book, but that's ok...its all working! I was a little nervous too, becuase I read alot online last night about how there are issues with Mac and Palm devices and synching (I took a huge risk just buying the thing because on the box it said it was only good up to the version of Mac OS BEFORE the one we have on our new iMac...yeah...Mac's are easy eh?).

So now everything is happy...she has a new Palm that she's comfortable using, and shucks darnnit, I guess I'll have to use the Palm Treo since we signed up for a one year contract with the cell phone company.

So anyway...yeah...things are running well...actually...that's not entirely true. My next hurdle is to get the new Mobile Management console in Vista to synch up with the Palm Treo.



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