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Vista and Mobile 5.0

Sunday, January 14, 2007 7:20 AM

Still loving Vista...but I'd love it more if the mobile device center would actually recognize my device. I mean, it says Treo, but its like talking to two people that have totally different takes on their relationship.

Treo: Oh yeah, we're definately in a partnership! Whenever I plug in, my status is full on connected! I just don't understand why he doesn't synch his emails or gives me new applications...

Vista: OMG, can you say "stalker"? Treo keeps connecting to my USB port, but we are NOT in a partnership. I don't think she gets it...I mean, I even totally ignore her connection...even though she says she is!

EVDO Connection: I know my role...I'm the manwhore servicing Treo for all Exchange and webbrowsing needs. If Vista would get his act together maybe I woudn't be getting emailooty calls throughout the day. But I mean, I get paid for it (Telus), so its all good.

And so continues the further drama in "As My Technology World Turns"...



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