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Crazy Leg Week

Friday, January 26, 2007 7:15 AM

Uh oh...its back...the feeling I get that my legs are going to give out on me whenever I walk DOWN stairs. My workouts this week have been leg workouts, and I'm definately feeling it after this morning. Doing 20 minutes on the bike (10 at lvl 3, 10 at lvl 20), I did 10 minutes of side-to-sides (legs really feeling it by the end). Then I proceeded to push out 300 iron cross reps, and finished off with 3 x 10/10/20's. That's the leg press: you do 10 with only one leg, 10 with the other leg, then 20 with both...all at the same weight, and it ain't light (I think there was about 180 lbs maybe? 4 x 45 I think). Normally I could have kicked out the leg presses in my sleep...but after the bike AND the side-to-sides, my legs were wrecked.

I was supposed to do 300 side boxes (basically squats, but you step to the side) but I figured it would take forever, my legs were shredded, and it was a longer workout. Still felt good though for what I accomplished.

My weight went up a bit...271 lbs, but I'm still fitting into my size 42 jeans and this week has been crazy muscle work, so I'm sure I've put up a few pounds of muscle maybe (my diet has been pretty good).

So until my next workout report, keep fit and have fun! (And all the Canadians who know who Hal Anderson is yell out BODY BREAK)



# re: Crazy Leg Week

D'Arcy... I think you mean Hal JOHNSON. :) Have you SEEN Hal Anderson??? He's no Body Break billboard model, that's for sure! He's more like the anti-Hal Johnson.

But despite the typo D'Arcy, you're still a winner because you participate in Participaction! ;) Hal and Joanne would be so proud.

T. 1/26/2007 10:35 AM | Tara

# re: Crazy Leg Week

Still doing great D'Arcy. You'll be happy to know that with your keen motivation skills I've actually managed 30 minutes of exercise every day this week. (five in a row if I get 30 minutes in tonight).

So thanks for that and thanks for letting America steal Barenaked Ladies from you. We're glad Canada is there to raise nice bands and actors like that for us later to have. Much appreciated.


That's why they were on my mind. Releasing an album on a USB key? That's awesome. Canada sure knows how to grow'em. 1/26/2007 10:54 AM | George

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