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Not Impressed with Microsoft Call Centers

Friday, January 26, 2007 10:05 AM

So last weekend I wanted to re-install Windows XP on my home PC, which is now my gaming rig since we do all the regular day-to-day stuff on the Mac. The install went fine (well, the second time around it did anyway), but when I went to activate it, I was told that it had exceeded the allowable number of activations. Alright...I guess I'm calling Microsoft.

So I give them a call, and wait for about 6 minutes. Then I get this woman who sounds a little flustered and seemed to try and push through her call with me as quickly as possible. So she asks me how many computers I have XP installed on, and I'm honest that its on two: a VPC that I run on my Mac and this home PC. So she tells me that I'm violating the end user agreement because I have it on two mahcines (which is odd since the manual that came with it clearly says 1 - 2 CPU's) and that I'll have to uninstall it off of the other machine before going forward. I tell her its just a VPC image that I play around with, and I can just delete the file. She gets really annoyed - "How long will that take?" I tell her a few minutes and she reluctantly stays on the phone (she had told me to call back in at first, but I told her that I already waited on hold the first time). So after my VPC goes good bye, she then proceeds to tell me my new activation code, and once I verify I have it written down I get "Thank you for calling Microsoft" and she hangs up. Wow...friendly.

So today I'm calling to upate my MCP status (because the testing center I go to has messed up my accounts...they somehow created a new one for me that two of my exams are listed under, while my other three are on my main account). So I call and get this guy who asks for my MCP number and my name. Then he puts me on hold to get my information. Then he comes back. Now, I can hardly hear this guy even though my volume is super loud (the hold music validates that MY phone is fine). He says something like "Hello, thank you for holding sir." and I say "Hello? What?". Click. Are you kidding me?!

Were both of the phone operators Indian? Yes...but it sholdn't matter where the calls are going to. It's not like we never experience aweful phone support locally, so this isn't a "Outsourcing to India is bad" post. This is a "Microsoft, I expect better phone service from you if you're going to offer it."




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I mentioned your article in my blog today, entitled, "The Wall Street Journal gets it Wrong" (see http://brucewagner.com/blog )

We'd be very interested in your response...


Bruce Wagner
9/13/2007 9:21 AM | Bruce Wagner

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yeah i understand that..well i'm a filipino and worked in a call center before..we deliver good customer service to their clients..and I'm proudly to say that we are better than indians..due to the pressure of our american supervisors... 4/24/2008 9:41 AM | miami

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They will not tell you where you are calling but no one speaks english well enough to understand call you back! 10 days and still waiting on my call back that was promise with in 24 hrs from a supervisor. called several times since then and no solution on my problem or why I haven't recieved a call back! 1/10/2009 12:11 PM | Jackie

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Same problem here tonight - 8 calls - hung up on once - cut off 3 times when trying to transfer me - in the end I said to them don't worry it is easier to download a crack than to do things right 3/7/2012 1:35 AM | Not Telling

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