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WPF/E Not Available on Firefox (for Mac that is)?

Saturday, January 27, 2007 5:48 AM

I was reading Laurence Moroney's blog about running WPF/E in Safari. I went online and checked it out, but for some reason I couldn't get the examples here to run. Then I realized...oh right...I don't use substandard craptastic browsers like Safari!

But that made it even weirder. You see, I run Firefox exclusively on my Mac. Safari is WAY too unstable...seriously...horrible. But that's another rant.

So the message I got from Firefox was "You must be running Firefox to view "WPF/E" content on this page."

Ok, fair enough. So I went and downloaded the updated Firefox browser for Mac (version 2.whatever). Reloaded the page...hmm...same message. So then I revisit the WPF/E page and downloaded the WPF/E CTP for Mac, thinking that installing it would maybe fix the issue. But nope...same thing.

Anybody else having issues getting WPF/E stuff running on Firefox on a Mac?



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