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Comments on Vista Fine Print

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 11:30 AM

Michael Geist has a great column that talks about the fine print associated with Vista. I thought I'd share my views on some of his points.

"Users activate Vista by associating it with a particular computer or device and transmitting certain hardware information directly to Microsoft"

Um...wasn't this part of the activation process for Windows XP as well? I recall that there may have been an issue if you did too many upgrades to your machine and XP saw it as a different machine. If you purchase a computer with an operating system installed, I *think* that the legal agreement actually binds that license with that computer too. So really, this is nothing new.

"...Prohibits more than a single backup copy and setting strict limits on transferring the software to different devices or users."

OK, let's be honest here: how many backup copies do you really need? You make one, you put it somewhere safe...done. And just because you buy one license of the OS doesn't mean that you can install it or share it with whomever. If that was the case, only one person would ever need to buy it and could share it with the world. That's not how licensing works, and unfortunately people associate buying the disc with buying the software...it isn't: you're buying a LICENSE to RUN the software.

"Windows Defender, by default, automatically remove software rated "high" or "severe", even though that may result in other software ceasing to work..."

Valid point here...although I would hope that there would be options to configure Defender to how you want it to scan. Still...Aunt Sally using her PC might not understand that.

Last few paragraphs on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD restrictions.

Now, this is just my opinion here...but who really cares? I have a DVD player attached to my TV if I want to play movies. I'll buy an HD-DVD player if I want to watch those movies. The fact that there are restrictions on playback...hey, you want restrictions? Can Linux even PLAY HD-DVD movies right now? Why aren't we all screaming about that? I understand the whole "us vs. hollywood" sentiment going on...but personally, I don't really see this as being an issue.

Great article for identifying what running Vista really means though.



# re: Comments on Vista Fine Print

What specifically does "Vista intentionally degrades the picture quality of premium content when played on most computer monitors" mean? I plan on putting in a Vista Media Center this year, so it definitely could effect me. But it sounds like a typical home theatre setup to a TV is uneffected. 1/31/2007 1:19 PM | Scott Kuhl

# re: Comments on Vista Fine Print

Yeah, I have to agree there. Degraded Blu-Ray or HD-DVD does not mean much if viewing on your typical 17" or 19" computer monitor. It could be an issue though if you are planning to use Vista as a media center PC and wish to stream content to your big screen HD capable TV. 2/1/2007 10:48 AM | Shaneo

# re: Comments on Vista Fine Print

From what I understand is that this is more because of HDCP restrictions. The media companies want there to be no possible way of getting perfect digital copies, and while screen captures are slow, degrading the picture is one way of dissuading people to do so. The good news, this has already been hacked. Even better news, HD DVD and Blu Ray are both dead tech already. Downloading HD video is the future, and I don't see Vista degrading that video.

If Microsoft does it's usual "sir, yes sir!" to media companies and does find a way to do that, it might be time to go visit the fun Uncle Steve, and see if he caves to the media cartels in the same way.

As for the blog post, yes a lot of this stuff is old stuff, but it is old stuff that had no place being in XP in the first place. It wasn't so restrictive in XP, so we all got used to it. Get ready to never be able to move an OS to a new computer, even though you have spent $100-$300 of your money on, for something that you will never truly own. That just boggles my mind. 2/1/2007 2:02 PM | Jeremy

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# re: Comments on Vista Fine Print

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