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March 2007 Entries

Great Evolutionary Post

Slashdot has a post here about how 48% of American Reject Evolution. It's actually a link to the MSNBC article, but the Slashdot comments are what makes this post worthwhile...especially the one where this guy lambastes a believer about how if his parents had brought him up to believe in the Power Rangers, he'd be spouting off on that...ha...classic! I actually had a discussion recently about this with some co-workers. They seemed to think it odd that I didn't believe in evolution, even with all ......

A Few Ounces of Love Gone...

Han, one of my birds, died last night. He was old...a budgie of approx 10 or 11 years (we got him as an adult) that my wife rescued from a neighbor's almost 10 years ago (they bought them for their daughter who couldn't care less about them...so they became the caged playthings for their cat...the mom asked if we wanted them) Our birds are different (we have a Lovebird as well) than those owned by typically bird-owners: ours fly free in the home, they follow us in the house...they act more like faithful ......

Going Radiant

Donald posted about what's been happening to Kathy Sierra. In a nutshell: Kathy Sierra is a big name in the tech world (although I havne't heard of her...but she seems to be big in the Java space, so that could be why) and she's been receiving death threats and having disturbing blog posts and images made about her to the point that she's fearing for her life. This is a horrible thing for anyone to have to go through. I have nothing but contempt for the punks that would purposefully put their time ......

Why Justice Gray is NOT the Canadian Rory Blyth

Jason posted here about Justice Gray being the next Rory Blyth. He's wrong...Justice COULD have been...if it weren't for one thing: his hair. Justice, who fancies himself as a metro-sexual developer recently went with a new hairstyle. We need to compare Rory and Justice against the ultimate hair test: the Clay Aiken test. Rory is still sporting the hair-pointing-up look, to ensure that he's not confused with the American Idol winner. But Justice...oh Justice...what went wrong?! Where is the stylistic ......

Theme for Spring/Summer: 100% Fun

Spring is here...the snow is melting, rain showers have started, and everyone is starting to jump on my winter fashion trend of short-sleeve shirts (they're a season behind, but whatever). This winter has been rough...just seems that there's been alot of crap going on, alot of deep serious contemplation, alot of growth personally...but it feels like I'm climbing a mountain and starting to take looks back at the valley that I just walked through. So I'm starting a new theme for life in Spring/Summer ......

Microsoft Aquires Teamplain

Read Brian Harry's blog post on it here.


Great Weekend/Bad Weekend

It was a working weekend the past three days. I was working on a project that had a pushed up deadline of this morning, so it was giv'r time! That wasn't the bad part though. It's amazing how putting in extra time can be very invigorating when you end up feeling successful instead of wallowing through the mire of impending doom. I got about 9 hours of sleep in from Saturday to today, but I'm feeling remarkably refreshed (Red Bull and coffee can do that to a person though). I'm sure I'll be crashing ......

Why are Radio Button Lists so DUMB?

Seriously...its 2007...if I try to set an item in a radio button list to selected through the "FindByText" feature...


rblSomeList.Items.FindByText("DonaldBelchamLovesTreets").Selected = true;

..., if the text isn't found why doesn't the list's default behavior just ignore the selection attempt?!

Hmm...<remembering to that label incident...>


Funny what a burger and beer will do to your memory...

We had a great .NET UG event tonight. I spoke on ASP.NET, mainly around design patterns, architecture, and platform selection. But the end of the presentation was to be a demo of ORCAS and the new ASP.NET features. I have my ORCAS VPC on an external hard drive that isn't made for Vista...or isn't made for Toshiba laptops running Vista...anyhoo, I finally got it to recognize my drive's partitions and load up the VPC, which I then minimized for the duration of my presentation. So the end comes, and ......

Getting Office 2007...for Free! (Canadians Only)

Well...more like Canadians now...

The US apparantly had this deal on for a while, but thanks to MSDN Canada for extending it to those of us north of North Dakota!

Read the blog posting here.


Eric, why are you so sexy?

He's back from the MVP summit, he went to see Dio and Megadeth Sunday night...he must know why he's so sexy...

So Eric...why are you so sexy?

"Because I learned early that the word 'unisex' didn't refer to fornication with horned animals."

And my DVD collection of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series will never be the same again...


Free DVD Software Player

I needed a free DVD player for my pc (couldn't find my ATI AIW Install Disc), and came accross this one from AVS Media.

At first I was a little sceptical since many of the "Free" DVD players out there are funded via adware, but this one is legit...not adware or anything, just freeware-goodness.

Kudos for them to provide this as a free application!


NIN DVD - 5 Stars

If you went to the NIN tour in 2006 (heck, even if you didn't and you're a fan), you NEED to pick up the recently released DVD of the concert. Not only is it a steal at $13.00 Cdn (Best Buy), but it captures the concert experience amazingly! It even includes some footage of the Summer tour that used a different set (equally as kewl, but different). It includes some rehearsal performances...I'd love to know what sort of fitness plan Trent underwent. They have one rehearsal where he has the emo-hair ......

Gliffy: Great example of software as a service!

You're surfing the web when all of a sudden you have the need to create a UML diagram! But Visio isn't installed on your laptop...or maybe you're looking around your office and get inspiration to redesign the layout, but you don't have any paper or pen (but you do have a web-enabled laptop)? Fear not...Gliffy is here! Gliffy is a "software as a service" beta application that is...well, basically Visio on the web! You can sign up for a free account now to try it out. It's actually very kewl...all ......

Problems Debugging VS.NET 2005 ASP.NET on Vista

Mike Volodarsky has a great article on this subject here.


Another reason to attend Mix 07...

Everyone attending Mix 07 will recieve a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate.

Read the article here.


Starbucks Coffee Break Tomorrow!

Apparantly you can get a free 12 oz coffee at Starbucks tomorrow from 10 AM to Noon.

Check the info out here.

Hopefully this isn't a yank-only thing. ;)


Books on the Go

I'm reading a couple of books right now that I'll be doing reviews on soon enough (well, as soon as I finish them). The first is The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and your Success. The book talks about EQ, or Emotional Quotient and talks about its importance in business...well really in life in general, and how those with high EQ levels should be valued - potentially moreso than those with high IQ's. I've just cracked the cover on this one, so I'll write more on the actual content in a future post. ......

Every day is exactly the same...

I'm a morning person, but I hate mornings. Seriously, the time between 7ish and 9ish are the worst part of my day. Why? Because its the same freaking thing. The same breakfast, the same shower, the same wardrobe, the same drive to work, the same parkade, and the same 4 blocks I walk from my parkade to work. I feel like I'm writing the same code over and over again each day...I hate it...It's 2007, aren't we supposed to have transporters by now?! So anyway, today I decided to mix it up a bit and do ......

Developer Tab in Excel 2007

Where's my toolbox...where's that button that will let me put a control into an Excel spreadsheet...?

Right click up by Excel's menu (not the ribbon, but the menu with Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc.).

Select "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"

Go to Popular area in the form that shows up.

Check the box that says "Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon".



Man On Fire!

My buddy Cam got fired today. But wait. There's more... Not only did Cam get fired...Cam also posted on his blog the emails that brought his career with "the company" to a halt. Personally (being one of the people that escaped "the company" for pretty much the same reasons that Cam complained about), I don't see his firing as being a bad thing. It's kind of like when you're dating a total tool, and they break up with you...really, its not a bad thing...its more of a good riddance. What kills me is ......

Imaginets is Hiring!

Imaginets is looking for software developers, especially those with strong .NET and Information Worker skill sets (read: Sharepoint 2007, document management experience, MOSS and Office 2007).

If you or someone you know is interested, send your resume to the contact info here.


UniveRSS - 3D Vista RSS Reader

yo yo yo, check it out here.


There's something evil about the boards today...

I just can't put my finger on it...


What's with the i'm thing on MSN?!

For those askign that question, check out:


It's an initiative from Microsoft to help sponsor some charity orgs. Please check it out and join in!


The First Dysfunction of a Team - Absence of Trust

I blogged previously about an amazing book I read recently called the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. I don't want to necessarily re-hash what the author says, but I want to start a short blog series about experiences I've had in the past and how they play into the ideas the author lays out in the book. The first thing you need to undestand (if you havn't read the book) is that the 5 dysfunctions are not seperate; they are layers, described in the book as layers of a pyramid. Each one is a building block ......

Life Update

Sorry, no technical update here...mainly life updates. Workouts My workouts have been going really well, although the scale isn't my friend anymore. I've been hovering around 265 and 270 for the last few weeks...can't seem to break that plateau. From a heart-standpoint though, I've probably never felt better. I got on the treadmill last week for the first time in a while (they've had me do other cardio stuff), and the speed/incline they gave me...well, when I started it almost killed me. Now, it's ......

Eric, why are you so sexy?

Yes its time once again for "Eric, why are you so sex?", the part of my blog where I ask my co-worker and Microsoft Outlook MVP Eric Legault why he's so sexy.

So Eric, why are you so sexy?

"Because I'm like a KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant: I run for the border where its finger licking good."

Oh my...


It's a good thing I have a Mac...

...because Joost doesn't install on Vista apparantly...