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Workout Info Moving to New Blog and Business Blog Created

Saturday, June 30, 2007 3:41 AM
So now that I'm independant, there are some changes that I need to make obviously with regards to my current blog.

The big picture is to have my own website up and running after the long weekend (Monday is a holiday for us Canucks), which will be the repository for my webcasts, articles, etc.

This blog will continue to be a balance of tech (discussions, but also pointers to my site for new content) and personal...because I really believe that community isn't just about throwing pure tech up there, its about building relationships and sharing non-shop-talk-stuff (so for instance, expect my review of Transformers Tuesday night).

I know alot of you have liked my postings of my workout regiments, and some haven't. I've decided that I still want to post those (both as a journal for myself, but also for those that get inspiration from it), but it will be at a new blog hosted by blogger. You can now get all my workout fun at:

The Mad Mexican Chicken Wing Workout Blog!

I was worried the name might have been taken already on Blogger...dodged a bullet there! ;)

I also have another blog that I was posting incognito to for the last bit until the move to independant consultant was official. It's a blog detailing what I did to set up my business, and will be where I'll be posting about the experiences that I run into running my own business. If you're into that stuff, you can check it out at




# re: Workout Info Moving to New Blog and Business Blog Created

Look at you go! Nicely done. Very fun little read over there at Canuck Consultant. I have to wonder if that will be me someday. 7/1/2007 2:13 AM | George

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