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Microsoft Certifications: Another Reason They Matter

Monday, July 30, 2007 2:17 PM

I was listening to a podcast recently that talked about Microsoft certifications and whether they were still relevant. Mostly the arguments revolve around whether or not these certifications are legitimately gained: are people just using brain dumps or are they studying and applying real-world knowledge to pass, and should this be a legit gauge of skills?

But there's something else to consider when you're thinking about getting the latest certification, and it could directly affect how appealing you are to a potential employer.

Many companies are Microsoft Partners: organizations that have a certain level of "partnership" with Microsoft. There are various benefits to being a Microsoft partner, which I won't get into here. However, what is required for Partnership status is having certified individuals on staff. When you get into the Gold Partner level (gold partners tend to be directly referred to by Microsoft when clients contact them for a specific type of skillset), its even more important: having people with certain certifications can garner organizations different "competencies" (like ISV, Information Worker, etc.), which again plays into the grand scheme of being referred to and recognized by Microsoft as experts in a given area.

So even though certifications can help show what you know personally, they can also make you attractive for an organization if you have a certain cert that will help them in their partnership needs. Something to think about anyway.



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