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We Need To Be Better At Designing The Presentation

Thursday, October 25, 2007 4:43 PM

This weekend I'll be speaking at the Twin Cities code camp about designing the presentation layer in ASP.NET. The funny thing is that as I've been preparing for this talk, I'm realizing that its really not about ASP.NET specifically at all...its more about our mindset around software development and the practices and processes that we implement.

Sure there are best practices that we can look at, but by and large the biggest issue facing not only web developers but software developers in general is that we're not working smart enough in many instances. We're making too many assumptions, we're not asking enough questions, we're not evaluating what the real best-solution to a given problem should be. So many shops I've worked at adopt the BDUF principle (Big Design Up Front), which always leaves a wake of unsatisfied customers and unmet expectations. These are easily mitigated by implementing agile processes like iterative development...but REAL iterative development, that includes feedback cycles and identifies/prioritizes features WITH the client.

I've worked on web projects for the bulk of my career, and I'm not sure why but for some reason all the bad habits and excuses for poor design that web developers had to deal with in the classic ASP days have stuck around...its like just because the presentation medium is a web browser it makes the application less of an app when compared to a Winform based solution, which is totally not the case. Web applications are first class citizens, and are no longer the product of office administrators putting a department website up with Front Page.

I encourage you to come to my talk this weekend at the code camp, but realize that although we'll be focussing on a web development angle the contents will definately be more architecture and process based...which isn't a bad thing! We have so many new tools available to us, like the Microsoft AJAX framework and the new controls that are part of the ASP.NET and AJAX futures, we need more than ever to educate ourselves on what it really means to architect a web-based application properly.



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PLEASE tell me you're talking about MVP in here too!! 10/26/2007 3:05 AM | Justice~!

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