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Twin Cities Code Camp - Chris Williams on XNA

Saturday, October 27, 2007 6:53 AM


I'm sitting in on Chris Williams XNA session...looking forward to it.

This room has NO projector...but instead, his laptop is hooked up to a connection that broadcasts his screen to all the computers in the room. Cool, but I agree with him: I'm used to seeing a big screen to reference off of too.

Chris is showing us a picture of sprites...explaining what sprites are and how they're the main thing you'll work with in a 2D game.

Sprites are/can be everything: characters, monsters, items, backgrounds, etc.

Chris is showing how to easily make some Soccer ball sprites rotate...very kewl, and very easy with XNA.

Chris is showing how to make the balls move and implementing collision detection.

Chris is FLYING INTO A FIT OF RAGE** after someone asked him why it didn't work with VS.NET pro...which ultimately leads to why it comes bundled with C# Express only and not VB.NET Express.

I almost lose a finger prying Chris off the guy (it comes out the question was asked by a C# developer who snidely commented "Oh, I KNOW it's not on VB.NET...Microsoft only supports first-class languages").***

Chris has calmed down, the guy's blood has stopped pumping from his open aorta, and the talk is continuing.****

Chris is showing us how to use an XBox 360 controller buttons to change the size of the ball...very kewl!

Chris is explaining the event loop that occurs...how its a constant rotation of Update and Paint.

I got a brainstorm for my own session...had to book it out with about 20 minutes to go. Great presentation though...its too bad I'm presenting in the last session and will miss his talk on Torque X.


**Note: This didn't really happen the way it came off...the topic of XNA only on C# Express did come up, but Chris was very professional in dealing with the issue.

***Note: I didn't really lose my finger, and the guy didn't really say that.

****Note: There was no blood from the aorta.


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