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Microsoft Partner Program: Exercise in Futility!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 6:14 PM

All I want to do is register myself with the Microsoft Partner Program...sign in, subscribe to the Action Pack, and get all cuddly with Microsoft.

The first test to see if you're worthy, apparantly, is to actually REGISTER for the Partner Program.

I start by going here and entering my registration information under "enroll my organization". After clicking next, I'm told that there are other entries for my company name already in the system, all that haven't been enrolled yet either (hmm...so all those times I was asked to "update my profile" I guess I was creating new ones?). The directions say that if my organization is in the list, but hasn't been enrolled, to click the "Create New" button. Which I do. ERROR! Crap.

So I do this again, thinking maybe it was a one-time thing. Error again. So then I try to be sneaky...I do the Search functionality, which gets me past the error. Ha! I showed you! I gleefully enter all the necessary information until I get to what I'm sure is the last screen. I click next. ERROR!!!?!?!? WTF?! Seriously?!

So now, I'm going to leave it until tomorrow...or Thursday...or whatever. Is it that hard to make a website that collects data and saves it to a database? Haven't we been doing this for a long time already? There's no fancy controls on here...sigh.

Ranting done...I feel better.



# re: Microsoft Partner Program: Exercise in Futility!

I'm an Empower Partner, and I have to say that I agree. I find the initial partner experience to be confusing and broken. The worst part was trying to get my site "approved" for the empower program. Well, and trying to obtain access to MSDN subscriber downloads for my partnership. The user experience is just very broken (unless it has improved since a year ago.) Ick. 11/21/2007 5:16 AM | Avonelle Lovhaug

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