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Dev Teach Day 1 - UG Summit and Party With Polermo

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 3:36 AM

Day 1 of our little Dev Teach adventure seems like it was enough to fill an entire week already! Others have already started blogging about it, so make sure to keep an eye on those who are here and commenting on the general happenings around Dev Teach. But I digress, back to Day 1.

UG Summit

Monday was the User Group summit, which Microsoft graciously hosted for us at their new downtown Vancouver offices. This also coincided with the Canadian MVP summit at the same location.

Our user group discussions were excellent, and we covered alot of ground around extending out our events through value-added services (like making presentations available online, etc.), how to better impact our industry locally by connecting with high schools and colleges, and we got the ball rolling on some initiatives that will be great for User Groups.

Sean O'Driscoll from Microsoft gave an excellent keynote on social networking and how it plays into web 2.0, marketing, and business in general. I took a bunch of notes and will comment on this in a seperate post.

UG/MVP Dinner

Microsoft paid for all MVP's and UG leaders to head over to Steamworks in downtown Vancouver and have dinner (thank you Microsoft!). We had a great time, but then it was upstairs for the main event...

Party With Palermo!!!

And what a party it was.


It was a cornucopia of uber-geekness all in one room. Jeff Palermo, Jeremy Miller, James Kovacs, Justice Gray, Beth Massi, Donald Belcham, and many, many others were in attendance. In fact, in the upcoming much talked about "Battle of the MVC Presentations", we even had the first face to face between the two MVC Superpowers:


Don't worry...right after this they hugged for like 20 minutes...it was a little awkward...


Yes a good time was being had by all. But then something happened.


We decided it would be a good idea to do some shooters, and the bartenders were more than happy to oblige. After the first 2 or 3 rounds of shooters (which we had to pay for because only beer was free), the next something happened.

Jeff announced that he needed our help. His tab still had room, so ALL drinks (not just beer) were now free. Well...more shooters!

Jackhammers, China White, PB and Jelly, Prairie Fire, Irish Car Bomb, Rocky Mountain Bear F***er, 1-900-F***-MeUp...

It was during this that we met Jeff.


I don't know where Jeff is from, but he was proclaiming himself the champion for F# just because he heard a bunch of VB.NET devs getting all hot and bothered about how awesome VB.NET is, and he wanted to express his personal disgust at their empassionedness. Jeff was also the one who suggested the Irish Car Bomb and the other drinks with *** in the name.

So after the party, we did what only good geeks would do: we headed to Earls for late night food. After a short incident that involved my coffee and vomit (no, not mine), we were well into finishing our meal when this girl from a nearby table came up and started talking to us. Turns out that she's a geeky-ish person (came from some Content Management company that let her go), and wanted to talk geek. Jeff tried to spar with her but she kept shooting him down...it was pretty funny.

Finally the night was done, and we made our way back to the hotel...minus a bunch of the guys that went to go shoot pool at 2AM or whatever it was, and Steven Rockarts that got lost getting out of Earls and Bil who went back because he forgot his camera.

Downtown Van at 2Am...not as scary as you might think.

That was day 1. Who knows what Day 2 is going to hold for us.


# re: Dev Teach Day 1 - UG Summit and Party With Polermo

D'Arcy. The rest of us Winnipeg UG guys are living vicariously through you. Keep up the posts. Shounds like DevTeach is a blast. If you see my buddy Etienne Tremblay out there give him a body slam from me.

11/27/2007 4:02 AM | Aaron Kowall

# re: Dev Teach Day 1 - UG Summit and Party With Polermo

There's one east coaster doing the same with your posts D'Arcy.

Oh, how I wish I was there ! 11/27/2007 5:04 AM | Jason Row

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