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SQL Express 2005 Advanced Won't Install Studio

Friday, December 21, 2007 10:06 AM

I'm teaching an ASP.NET course right now, and encouraged my students to download the Express versions of Web Developer and SQL 2005 to play around with at home.

One student mentioned that she had downloaded the Advanced version of SQL 2005 Ex, but that the development studio that was supposed to come with it didn't get installed.

Turns out that she installed something (I'm guessing Web Developer Express) that included SQL 2005...but without the SQL Design Studio. The problem (and solution) as per Pete's post, is to rename the Tools folder in the SQL directory. I guess when you install SQL 2005 Express, it checks to see if that folder already exists and if it does it skips installing the tools...but prior installers didnt' have the design studio, so this newer installer won't check actual tools installed...it just does a generic check for the folder.



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