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Donald Belcham Rocks Victoria Code Camp

Sunday, January 27, 2008 9:43 PM


Donald is actually a good friend of mine, not a narcissist, an amazing developer, and a great guy. But, in this case, he was just too easy a target to pass up. So, enjoy!


I wasn't there...but I heard that Donald put on a spectacular presentation at the Victoria Code Camp! For those of you that also weren't able to make it, here are some highlights.


Look at this ROUSING scene: Donald Belcham about to expound his wisdom and knowledge to the throngs of Victorians who gathered to hear him talk about...about...what was he talking about? Well, HIMSELF obviously! Donald is a *huge* narcissist who loves nothing more than to present at code camps about himself! Let's review:


First, the slide that's currently on the screen. It begs the question "Who is this guy?" What people don't realize that every point on this slide represents 10 SLIDES EACH in which Donald shares stories from the contracting world, shares his MVPness, boasts about having guys like Steve and Justice call him "Mr. President", name-drop JP Boodhoo, and talk about his blogs. Oh yes, Donald is very confident in himself....


...so confident that he actually writes on the board so that nobody in attendance forgets it. As they walk out the door to the next session, they'll glance up and know that Don Rocks!


You'll notice in the original picture that the time is 2:05. In a last second change, Donald switched with Beth Massi so he could start earlier. An hour later, and he's *still* on his first slide!


Of course, Beth was a trooper and just sat in the front row waiting patiently for Donald to finish. In addition, Alan, Dave, Tom, and one of Dave's inappropriate goat pictures also showed up to enjoy the Donald Belcham Experience!


I'm really not sure what Donald is doing here...maybe getting ready to smack his laptop to show the people in the audience what he'll do if they get out of line...or maybe he's raising his hand to answer his own question...we'll never know unless someone out there has a video camera and captured the blessed moment.

Victorians, you should consider yourself lucky...NAY, BLESSED...that you had Albertan greatness in your presence! Just imagine if I *was* able to make it out...BC would never have been able to handle *that* much machismo in one place...consider yourself blessed, and lucky!



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