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Happy Birthday Donald!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 10:10 AM

So yesterday was Donald Belcham's birthday, and we had a good time razzing him on various things like scotch, prairie fires, kicking kids, and maybe a bit of cattle impregnating humor.

But behind all the fun and laughter is a community of friends that really cares about their Edmonton via BC brother. In an embarrassing turn, while we have been gently chiding Don for a while, it took some unknown guy named Jason Doucette from Toronto of all places (or Ontario...which is basically Toronto right?) to give Don the props he so richly deserves. From his blog post he wrote shortly after Donald presented at a local UG:

"After a long day of patching code and getting the crap kicked out of my by new tools, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a user group meeting and listen to someone talk about Alt.net, but somehow I managed to drag myself there (the fact that the venue was almost directly on the way home helped a lot.)


I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear that what I was going through was normal, that nearly everyone gets kicked in the teeth when they start changing their development style, that the code I’m writing now is going to embarrass me in six months, and that it’ll all be worth it.

In the daily scramble to juggle multiple projects (before we finally started hiring), I lost track of what I loved most about software development: continuous personal improvement.  Donald pointed out that learning to write good code just like going to the gym: you need to practice regularly (he had an interesting practice of holding “corporate retreats” where he’d hole up in a hotel for a weekend just to write new code.)"

I know that Jason's comments reflect our own clique's sentiments as well. For myself, whenever I hang out with Donald I always learn something and end up walking away a better developer.

So Happy (belated) Birthday Donald! And I'm sorry...because now that Justice knows you hole yourself up in a hotel for "corporate retreats", I can see a whole new series of posts forming...




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