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Why can't technology just work (Chapter 2 of my Telus fiasco)

Thursday, February 28, 2008 4:32 PM

Well, its not really a Telus fiasco...its a Sierra Wireless fiasco now.

So continuing on...I went back and returned the non-compatible card for a USB based one. Now, USB...you plug, you play. Everything should just work properly. Sure, there's an extra little app that needs to run (Sierra Wireless Watcher), but I'm ok with that. Was I ok with the extra price? Not sure...but if it does what I need it to, maybe I'm ok (I'm just on a month to month, so no issue with the contract crap).

Unfortunately all is not well in wireless land. I decided to work from home this afternoon where I'd have access to email and other resources. I decided to test out my new modem as well.

So I install the software, plug in the modem, and wait to experience the glory of knowing that I'll never have to worry about those annoying hotspot accounts when I'm in an airport or traveling in a non-wireless enabled area again! And I wait...and I wait...and I WTF?!


The port is disconnected? Hmm...I mean, obviously I'm not hitting an EVDO enabled signal, but I at least have three bars on a 1x network. This begins my conversation with Telus and eventually with Sierra Systems.

Telus was great...never made me feel rushed or that our continual failed attempts to fix this was an annoyance. The guy even called Sierra for me, got the tech on the line, and then bowed out when he knew his ability was exhausted. It was greatly appreciated.

The Sierra guy was somewhat helpful, but in the end we left it with this:

"You need to get into an area with a stronger signal, run the automated activation wizard, and then call back if the issue persists."

Well, the device already has BEEN activated a few times, both manually and automatically. There's no issue apparently with that.

Secondly, if that's really the solution then Telus might want to think of using a different partner. If the device manufacturer is telling me that 2 bars on my device isn't strong enough to make a connection, let alone actually pull down data, then this isn't the solution I thought it was going to be.

And its not my laptop. I installed the drivers and connected the device to my desktop running XP Pro, but it had the SAME issues. Has anyone else successfully gotten the 595U to work on the Telus network (in Canada obviously)?



# re: Why can't technology just work (Chapter 2 of my Telus fiasco)

I am having the same "the port is disconnected" on my sierra 595USB and I have 3 bars in the 1X network.
Did you ever find a solution to this annoying problem?

3/15/2009 11:32 PM | Liam

# re: Why can't technology just work (Chapter 2 of my Telus fiasco)

Wow...its been so long since those posts...I did find some that I did after this one though that might have some info for you:


D 3/16/2009 7:47 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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