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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 7:59 AM


Ok, obviously this was *not* written by me...but its part of a bigger story, which can be read over here. You can read the full explanation at Bil Simser's blog here (in fact, please do...this post makes me sound like a total jackass).


Long has it been rumored that the identity of the alt.net purse fight blog has been one of the persons initially involved in coining the phrase/starting the movement. This is not the case and I figured it was time that I put an end to the pointless speculation and announce that I am indeed the author of the pursefight blog.

That’s right! I am sick of your peoples insolence and ignorance and its time you know why. ALT.NET started out with some great ideas but like all great ideas it attracted total 3tards to the mix who were angry that Microsoft raped their goat so they want to complain about that yet still use MS products while bashing everything else because it’s not from Microsoft. You people took something good and just by your one ranting post turned it into something ugly.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am all for a constructive debate but those are now lost in the quagmire of bs posts that shift the topic away from a genuine discussion into a pissing contest. Aren’t we programmers? Aren’t we logical enough to know that this kind of childish behavior will result in nothing?

To play on Scott’s retarded “Step-up or Shut-up” argument:


Smarten up or smarten up


Now I know being the way that I have written people might ask why I don’t just walk away from this BS. The answer to that is simple: this needs to be done! We need to improve the way we develop as there are better ways, there are ALTERNATIVES to the prescribed way to do things (whether that be from P&P, MS, school,  books, your friend down the hall). Until people are aware of the fact that what they learned in a book five years ago we have to make as much QUALITY noise as possible. That was my whole reason for starting the blog was to try and make people think about their actions, and hopefully be a bit more constructive in what they said.


# re: Pursefight!

I did it...well ok I didn't..after all it's April 1st :)
4/1/2008 8:25 AM | Lou

# re: Pursefight!

That mailing list should be closed, sealed and burnt. No matter who was to blame, whoever provoked it, its really shameful going back and reading what happened.

An embarrasement to the community.
4/1/2008 9:43 AM | Markie

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