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Big Reason to Move From VB 6.0 to VB.NET

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 2:55 PM

At the recent Winnipeg Community Connection event, we had one person voice how he hasn't seen a good enough reason to leave their VB 6.0 development for .NET. He felt that they had better code security, it still did what they needed to, and they were able to meet ISO requirements (an important thing for his organization).

All of his points seemed valid...nobody really stepped up to say "well here's one reason". Well...here's one reason:

My buddy Chris has posted his findings on the cost of purchasing support for VB 6.0 after April 8th (by buying support, I'm assuming purchasing a support contract from Microsoft...because you're not going to find alot of *new* VB6.0 blog posts and articles going up).

Year 1 - April 8th and forward: $50k up front with $10k per incident

Year 2 - $100k up front with $10k per incident

Year 3 - $200k up front with $10k per incident

Now, you may say to yourself: isn't Microsoft just

a) forcing people to adopt their newer technology
b) ripping people off with already existing VB 6.0 investments

I'd say no to both. Microsoft still needs to maintain a team to support VB 6.0 I would think, which isn't generating any new revenue for the company. The salaries of said people are entirely overhead...there's no *new* revenue streams coming in from VB 6.0.

So it makes sense that they would charge a premium to support the tool.

Now...I don't know really how many of these sort of agreements they actual sell...I've never actually worked anywhere that needed to contact Microsoft for anything in particular (well, maybe once). Still though, it shows that Microsoft is wanting to make it more attractive to move to .NET.



# re: Big Reason to Move From VB 6.0 to VB.NET

Here are a few more reasons...

No More DLL Hell
Garbage Collection

Do I absolutely have to go on? 4/2/2008 3:29 PM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Big Reason to Move From VB 6.0 to VB.NET

Here's an easy one: productivity. Back in the VB5/VB6/ASP days, I ran a software development company with 15 developers. I know what kind of revenue we generated by keeping those 15 developers busy about 80% of the time.

I recently spoke to the current owner. He has 6 developers and is generating the same revenue. I thought about it and yes, we're just that much more productive with .NET. The tools are better, the language has huge improvements, and once you learn ADO.NET, there are some huge improvements available there too. 4/2/2008 9:17 PM | Craig

# re: Big Reason to Move From VB 6.0 to VB.NET

I still have to support old VB6 projects.
While it's crazy to think of 'porting' these to VB.NET (you need to think of it as a rewrite) I would avoid VB6 for any new development, like the plague. Bloody awful language. 4/3/2008 3:17 AM | commenter

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