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Winnipeg Junior High Girls Tech Camp

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 10:08 PM

One of the things that kept coming up during the recent Community Connection events was the concern around the lack of students enrolling into computer related programs and what that means for our industry going forward. There definitely needs to be more interaction between the industry and potential students, especially at the high school and junior high levels. Unknown to many of us here in Winnipeg's technology community, there have been some that have already taken action in this!

Laurie Cutrone, an instructor at Red River College here in Winnipeg, has been hosting a Tech Camp for junior high school girls over the last three years! From an information document she provided:

This camp is meant to allow junior high school girls the opportunity to explore computing careers in a post-secondary facility.  This event will give the girls an opportunity to explore the college environment, and to try their hand at computing courses.  The hope is that if the girls enjoy themselves during the camp that they would have the courage to enroll in computer courses in high school despite the fact that they could be outnumbered by the male students.

What Laurie is doing is fantastic! I think we all are aware that not only are numbers down in enrollment, but female enrollment has always seemed to struggle in what has been viewed as a male dominated industry. Changing perceptions both from an industry and gender perspective is crucial in ensuring that we keep our Canadian and North American industry vibrant and innovative.

The next camp occurrence is May 9, the event is *free*, and lunch is provided...but space is limited! Laurie has been targeting schools to get the word out there, but if you want more information so you can put your school in touch with her you can check out the event web-site here and email Laurie at lcutrone_AT_rrc.mb.ca (replace _AT_ with @...don't want her getting spammed from my blog ;) ).



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