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1:18 AM Pacific Time - End of Day 1

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 3:35 AM

Wow...what a day. My last post covered the early parts: we had a lunch provided, then into the keynote. Sean O'Driscoll was the keynote presenter and did a fantastic job as usual. Sean has actually announced his leaving from Microsoft, and they gave him a great tribute as part of the entire presentation. Very kewl.


After the keynote it was off to the open spaces sessions. I attended one on ASP.NET and discussing the MVC framework. We had alot of good discussion, but what I really got out of it was how muddled the message really is around ASP.NET. First we had ASP.NET and all the touted drag and drop goodness...then we had some attempts at guidance and standards...now we're getting MVC, and there's clearly some confusion about how everything fits, and what should be used when. This is something that obviously we have to start talking up within our communities and trying to figure out. I'll blog more on this later, but it was a great discussion.


After the sessions was the reception, where we all got *happy* before dinner...


And then came the feast: salmon, steak, salad, Asian bbq...it was awesome! They had us seated by region, but we decided to head over and sit with some of the Europeans. I would have a picture to show you, but my camera all of a sudden started flashing a "lens error" and wouldn't retract the lens. I freaked, but eventually got it working...but by then...


Believe me...there were Europeans there.

Then we ran into some nice Australians. David Woods saw they had an inflatable kangaroo, and a love story was written...


*Note: There were *other* pictures taken, but I'm a little concerned about posting them on my blog. ;)

Afterwards, I headed to the Cheesecake Factory with Tom, Dave, Eric, and Jason...great food at that place...never get tired of it.



So after all that, I headed back to the hotel for what I figured would be the end of the night...until I saw Caleb Jenkins that is! This began a whole NEW portion of the evening, which included Vodka and 180, why Austin is different from Fort Worth, random comments of craziness, and people doing Irish Car Bombs with girls at the bar (no, not me...but others).


Note shown in the picture: Chris, Aaron, Jeff, Dave, Troy, Rob, etc., etc....we were going to continue playing poker using the stones from the planters as chips, but that never happened....we just talked and drank more instead.

Anyway, I really wanted to flesh out what happened in more humerous detail, but I've got a 7 AM bus to catch to the Microsoft campus...oh sleep, you will be a cunning vixen to me this week...



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nice pics,when i saw the pictures, it's a good meeting though 4/16/2008 10:28 AM | miami

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