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MVP Summit - Hanging with the VB.NET kids

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 11:45 AM

I'm in a few VB.NET sessions this morning here at the Microsoft campus. We went through a bit of an overview of where the Visual Studio language team is at, where things are moving, and where VB.NET fits into that picture.

Donald decided to infiltrate and see what was going on with the non-semicolon kids. He's now become a convert and ran out of the room tearing off his badge and saying "I can't believe I've been so blinded!"


I've been sitting with Chris Williams and Jason Olson...


The first demo done was about the feature in VS.NET 2008 that allows you to copy and paste XML directly into VB.NET without having to do any string concatenation. It's a kewl feature, but its another demo with alot of hard-coding values directly into the code. It would have been really kewl to see something that was a bit more advanced...but it was still a good demo.

Next demo is starting...more along n-tier stuff...more to come...




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