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8 Reasons Why You *MUST* Attend Dev Teach Toronto

Saturday, April 26, 2008 12:18 AM

Dev Teach Toronto is only a few weeks away, and if you haven't registered yet you need to do so NOW! Why? Because otherwise a very angry French man will kick your @$$. In fact, you should review Guy's blog post although I must warn you, reading it might mislead you. You might be sitting there after reading his post thinking:

Gee, I can't go to Dev Teach...I wouldn't fit in...I don't...

a) have facial hair

b) suffer from baldness

c) know how to talk to girls

d) know how to speak Hebrew

I'm happy to report that *none* of those things should be a deterrent to you attending Dev Teach.

(Note: For the record, Guy did mention that he "selected the prettiest ones"...read into the facial hair and baldness angles as you will...)

However, you may be thinking "Hmm, this is an impressive group, but are there any *other* speakers coming to Dev Teach? Well yes, yes there are my friend! Gaze upon the magnificence below...

 Derek "East Coast Metrosexual" Hatchard

When he's not looking for the closest bag store you can find Derek geeking out on his Mac. This bastion of East-Coast Machismo will *wow* you with his recollections of what he wished he knew when he graduated (and word has it this isn't *just* about technology, hear that ladies?)

 JP "Real Men Don't Need a Mouse" Boodhoo

The man who always has a free USB port is back, ready to evangelize to the masses about generics, DDD, and why you need to stop feeding the unnecessary mouse market...real men know their shortcuts beyatch!

 Jean-Luc "Paparazzi" David

A community favorite, one of our own Microsoft Developer Advisors is speaking at Dev Teach. But be careful...chances are that when you attend his session, you'll also be gracing his Flickr page later on...and when that happens, your status will be elevated from "attendee" to "LEGEND VIA ASSOCIATION"

 Jim "Sexual Chocolate" Duffy

Jim Duffy is the Ebony to Rod Paddock's Ivory, but don't let this cauldron of sexual chocolate intimidate you. After he indoctrinates you into the love-sect that is Virtual Earth and ASP.NET, you'll be feeling the love!

James "The Godfather" Kovacs

Oh, you aren't using an ORM? Oh, you are, and it isn't NHibernate? I hope you like sleeping with the fishes, 'cause the kingpin of the NHibernate Mafia is coming to Toronto...and he *DEMANDS* respect!

Donald "Igloo of Love" Belcham

Edmonton's premiere bachelor and supposed protoge of Justice Gray is back to wow you with his wisdom on brownfield projects, CC and Nant, and something to do with bulls.

Rob "Luscious" Windsor
*MEOW* Rob would like to introduce you to WCF at Dev Teach, and he's also going to be showing you how to upgrade from VB 6.0 to .NET...over a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and some raw oysters...
D'Arcy "Don't Dare Me, I'll Do It" Lussier
Oh yeah, I'll be there too. ;)

Now if *THIS* group doesn't get you registered for Dev Teach, I don't know if *anything* will!



# re: 8 Reasons Why You *MUST* Attend Dev Teach Toronto

LOL! I'm kinda sorry I made the top 23. See ya in Toronto! 4/26/2008 12:52 AM | Beth

# re: 8 Reasons Why You *MUST* Attend Dev Teach Toronto

Definitely am gonna be there. And as a result of your post, I have now posted that I will collect all dares to be made of "Don't Dare Me, I'll Do It" Lussier to present you with them randomly throughout the conference. :) 4/26/2008 9:13 PM | Kelly

# re: 8 Reasons Why You *MUST* Attend Dev Teach Toronto

I'd love to be there but I'll be doing Military things in Germany during that time. I could attend remotely but you'll all need a security clearance to be able to talk with me. 4/28/2008 3:29 PM | Jeff Tucker

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