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May 2008 Entries

Infragistics UltraWebGrid Clearing All Rows Client Side

I have an UltraWebGrid that I needed to clear all the rows out of. I found an article on the Infragistics Dev Center that suggested a looping construct that used the row.NextSibling!=null comparison. The problem was that it didn't work...the row.NextSibling would always return 'undefined'. So I decided to take a different approach which actually works really well: [Edit: Sorry, SubText doesn't like it when you try and copy/paste code directly into the web text editor apparanetly. Image version is ......

Dave Harris Presents: Windows Communication Service Gateways with C#3.0 and Linq-To-SQL

My buddy Dave is doing a webcast this morning at 11 central on ... well, what's in the title of this post. I know its a *bit* late notice (being its in a half hour), but if you have a chance feel free to check it out.

You can register for the livemeeting here.

Eric, Why is Picture Attachment Wizard 2.0 So Sexy?!

My buddy Eric Legault has just released version 2.0 of his Microsoft Outlook add in Picture Attachment Wizard. If you live and die by Outlook, then you really should consider this add in. A few features as listed on his blog: View thumbnails of image attachments - without having to save the attachments to disk! Run a slideshow of attached picture files - without having to save the attachments to disk! Quickly save all attachments to a folder with one click! Easily export every attachment in every ......

Teachers vs. Speakers

"We have very little need for speakers, and we're starving for teachers." "The difference between speaking and teaching is subtle, but the whole point of leading a session is made or lost in that subtlety." "Clear sign you're speaking rather than teaching: you believe that an hour isn't a long enough time to really teach something." - Scott Bellware via Twitter (all of the above) I've had it all wrong. For so many years I looked up to the rock-star speakers that I saw come through events or get up ......

Dev Teach - Final Night

And so we ventured out for one last final 'Huzzah' after the final day of Dev Teach (not counting the post-conference). We went to Dunn's for a splattering of smoked meat love. Afterwards we wandered to the Biggest Bookstore In The World (well, I don't know if it really IS, but that's what its called), and then back to the Hilton where we hung out in the bar. Keep it classy Belcham ;) ......

Dev Teach - Markus Egger and Building Interfaces with WPF, XAML, and .NET 3.5

Live blogging the session with Markus Egger and WPF. First of all, seriously, Markus needs to walk around with a claymore or a broad-sword. He's got that Highlander vibe going on. Anyway...soon to start...gotta try and figure out how to land a hotel close to where Chris Williams is staying at Tech Ed... Hmm...I didn't know Markus founded CoDe magazine...kewl. Win-Forms is frozen in time...WPF is the new UI platform that investment will be made into. Benefits of WPF - Usage of graphics processor which ......

DemoCamp Winnipeg May 29, 2008

The first DemoCamp will be happening in Winnipeg this May 29 at the King's Head pub! It sounds like it'll be a fun night. If you want more information, check out the post about it on the New Media Manitoba website, which you can get to here.

Wednesday in Toronto - Zombies, Beer, and Blood

We left the restaurant and made it to our final destination just in time for our show... That's right: Evil Dead - The Musical! We noticed the posters up for it around the city, and low and behold there was a show tonight and we got tickets for it! I decided to get one row after the "splatter zone", just to be safe. A word of warning to those buying tickets: the first row beyond the splatter zone is STILL IN the splatter zone..more on that in a second. The Diesel venue was really kewl...had a very ......

Wednesday In Toronto Con't - Dave <3's Kristen

So after we left The Hour, we met up with David Woods and Rod Paddock for dinner at Jack Astor's (a favorite of ours since getting to Toronto). We had a really great waitress named Kristen who was awesome in making sure we got our food with enough time to make our next stop on our Wednesday in Toronto (more on that coming up). We thought that Kristen and Dave would make potentially great soulmates, so we decided to *help* Dave out a bit by expressing his love for Kristen on our table as well as leave ......

Wednesday In Toronto - The Hour Taping

After dinner I went with Donald, Kelly, and Henry to a taping of The Hour, a late night talk show that tapes in Toronto at CBC. We thought it was funny that CTV had big banners right across from the CBC building. Enjoying the free energy drinks. Waiting in line to get onto the set. The set. George getting makeup adjusted. George and Sam Roberts The taping was a lot of fun, and it was kewl to see how tv shows get put together (a lot of *magic* that goes into it). There was a LONG Q and A session that ......

Dev Teach Day 1

Had a good day here in Toronto. Started off with the UG leadership summit. Had good discussion and good times. Looking forward to further discussion around how we're going to share information going forward between user groups. Of course, it wouldn't be an event without a Party with Palermo, and so it was.. Derek Hatchard and Donald Belcham argued over who was more drunk...Donald won. Scott Hanselman...and Donald's head. Jeffrey Palermo, Kelly Cassidy, and Donald's finger (see a trend here?) The ......

Dev Teach Day 0

So when my evening began, I had this in mind: - Go for dinner with Rob Windsor and Donald Belcham- Go back to the hotel to work on my presentation- Go to bed by 12AM Here's what happened: - Went for dinner with Rob Windsor and Donald Belcham- Stayed at restaurant until just after 11PM- Met up with Jeffrey Palermo and Kelly Cassidy- Found an all night diner and hung out while Jeff and Kelly ate- Got back to the hotel sometime after 1AM And now its 2AM Eastern...and I'm writing this. Tomorrow is the ......

3:42 AM - Leaving for Dev Teach

I've got an early flight to Toronto this morning (6AM), so I'm up a bit early doing some final packing and what-not. I've never been to Toronto before other than for a connecting flight to somewhere else, so this should be a great time to see what the center of the universe has to offer. ;) I wonder if anyone *else* will be at Dev Teach ......

Zune Launch Parties Across Canada

If you live in...

or Halifax

There's a Zune launch party coming your way! Check out this site to get more information about date, time, and venue in your city.


Where Has Estimate Goat Been All My Life?!

As the website says,

Estimate Goat will give you estimates with the same amount of thought that goes into some projects/designs/requirements.

Too funny...check it out here.

INETA User Groups can get *FREE* Web Hosting and a *FREE* CMS!

Telerik has partnered with Discount ASP to provide an unbelievable offer to INETA user groups: a FREE license for their Sitefinity CMS and FREE webhosting!

This is over a $1000 value being given away to user groups, and Telerik and DiscountASP should be commended for helping out the community in such a big way!

You can get more information at the link below.



Webster's Definition of Disappointment: Chris Williams' 1000th Blog Post

So we've had the first person hit 1000 blog posts here at GeeksWithBlogs, and I must be honest that although it wasn't me, I was still pretty jacked up to see what we'd get! Unfortunately, what we got was a play by play of his enjoyment of a Cherry-Grape Slush and Tater Tots. Ho hum. I was expecting something more along the lines of the flash and wow of his 500th post. ;) D ......

Amazon Canada...hey, thanks for nothing!

I blogged yesterday about the fantastic deals available on the Amazon.Com website. Chris posted recently about how you can get the same great price in Europe for the ASP.NET 3.5 book. Well I wanted to let all my Canadian peeps know that even though our dollar is on par or close to with the US, Amazon Canada is offering the same book to us for the steal price of $37.79! Thanks a lot Amazon.ca! D ......

Amazon.Com Offering Huge Savings on Tech Books

Bill and some others have posted about noticing their book on Amazon was selling for $16.00. Turns out that Amazon is having a huge sale on a bunch of tech books, some with pretty significant savings! You can check out the entire list here. D ......

Mike Duncan interviews Justice Gray

If you have time, you should check out Mike Duncan's interview with Justice Gray. It's pretty entertaining and funny, as are most things when Justice is involved. Some highlights: - Justice weighs in on how 7 out of 10 presenters are posers - Reveals he reads all my blog posts on Saturdays - Flogs Donald Belcham...again. - Admits to using Nivea for Men and Morning Scrub Invigorating Exfoliant D ......

New NIN CD...for FREE

Looks like Trent Reznor is following in Radiohead's footsteps and is releasing his new NIN disc for FREE on the net.

You can get more information at the album's site: http://theslip.nin.com/


New Dark Knight Trailer Posted


Not sure how I feel about it...kind of makes Joker seem like a creepy child-clown...but maybe that's just my cynical Sunday- morning-I-need-coffee side of me talking...


Iron Man Was Awesome! Stoner A-Holes Not So Much.

On a whim I called up a buddy and we got in for the 10:45 PM showing of Iron Man tonight. It was faaaaaaantastic! Great movie, which is good considering the horrible Marvel films as of late (Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four 2, etc.). Yes there was far fetched aspects of this film, especially around technology (seriously, a media player that you press a translate button on which converts Afghanestan speak to English?), and yes there were borrowings from other sci-fi franchises (like Tony's talking computers ......

Best Company Theme *Ever*

I forgot to blog about this... When I was in Seattle for the MVP summit, we had lunch with some locals and Joe (I think it was Joe?) from the Mono team at Novell. One of the locals was Ben Joldersma. We introduced each other, shook hands, and then he gave me his business card. Skull Squadron His company was named Skull Squadron! The discussion then followed... Me - "That's not a Robotech reference by chance is it?" Ben - "Well yes it is!" Me - "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CONVERTED MYRIA YOU MICRONIAN SCUM!" ......