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Iron Man Was Awesome! Stoner A-Holes Not So Much.

Saturday, May 3, 2008 1:51 AM

On a whim I called up a buddy and we got in for the 10:45 PM showing of Iron Man tonight. It was faaaaaaantastic! Great movie, which is good considering the horrible Marvel films as of late (Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four 2, etc.). Yes there was far fetched aspects of this film, especially around technology (seriously, a media player that you press a translate button on which converts Afghanestan speak to English?), and yes there were borrowings from other sci-fi franchises (like Tony's talking computers a-la Kitt from Knight Rider, or how the big fight scene was reminiscent of the final battle in Robo-Cop)...

But WHATEVER! The movie clipped along at a good pace, had good action, and Robert Downey Jr. was *perfect* as Tony Stark.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for...and paying for a movie that starts at 10:45 PM gets you sitting next to two pot-heads that brought their own beer and who got up repeatedly to "go to the bathroom". I also enjoyed them continuously hacking up their lungs throughout the movie, saying "Pepper T1t5" whenever Gwenyth Paltrow's character (Pepper Pots) was on screen, waving to their other stoner friends that somehow were sitting on the other side of us, answering their cell phone, and explaining how they were going to kick the crap out of some guy if they ran into him tonight. Overall they were mildly annoying and harmless, but still...UGH...



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