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Dev Teach Day 0

Monday, May 12, 2008 1:07 AM

So when my evening began, I had this in mind:

- Go for dinner with Rob Windsor and Donald Belcham
- Go back to the hotel to work on my presentation
- Go to bed by 12AM

Here's what happened:

- Went for dinner with Rob Windsor and Donald Belcham
- Stayed at restaurant until just after 11PM
- Met up with Jeffrey Palermo and Kelly Cassidy
- Found an all night diner and hung out while Jeff and Kelly ate
- Got back to the hotel sometime after 1AM

And now its 2AM Eastern...and I'm writing this.

Tomorrow is the Dev Teach user group summit, and we're doing an open-spaces sort of setup this time around which I think is great. Hoping to gleam a bit of what the issues are out East since the last one had a very Western slant to it.

I'm hoping that the weather improves for tomorrow...



# re: Dev Teach Day 0

Hey buddy, I wish I could be there but alas was not meant to be.

Remi will make an appearance though so make sure you show him a good time. Introduce him to The Donald so "The Don" can show him the wiley goodness of unit tests and TDD.

5/12/2008 6:30 PM | Shaneo

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