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Could We See www.dlussier.gwb Someday?

Monday, June 23, 2008 6:41 AM

Interesting article from BBC news about ICANN thinking about relaxing the rules on domain names. Now, the way the article was worded it took me a second read to understand their point. “Domain Names” is a bad choice of term for the article, as we’ve all registered domain names at some point.

But what they’re talking about is the extension. Currently its either .com, .net, .org, or some country (as the article points out, .tv wasn’t created for television-based sites…its actually the regional domain for the island of Tuvalu). But what’s being proposed is the commercialization of the suffix: allowing companies and individuals to brand their own domain on the web.

It’s an interesting idea…although it opens up some questions. For instance, if you create your own domain, who then governs registrations for those domains? Is there a two-tiered system where regional, .com/.net/.org domains are monitored by ICANN and “private” domains are governed by the individuals who create them?

There’s a user learning curve as well, although the more I think about it I don’t know that it will be a huge issue. People who are accustomed to only .com/.org/.net or a regional domain will just need to learn that there may be other combinations (or use Google to discover the url for the desired site).

This idea has alot of potential though…definitely a story to stay tuned on.



# re: Could We See www.dlussier.gwb Someday?

The whole domain registry is currently borked. It's created a revenue model around the dictionary resulting in squatting which has ruined things. 6/23/2008 10:51 AM | JH

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