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Some notes on Ignite Your Life series…

Monday, August 11, 2008 10:52 PM

My buddy Donald Belcham made a suggestion that I post an entry with links to all the entries in the Ignite Your Life series.

To that end, I’ve implementing a couple of things to make it easier to find the blog posts:

First, I’m now updating the second post in the series which gave an overview of the 5 R’s with links to the posts. You can access (and bookmark) that page here.

Secondly, on the left hand side of my blog you can find a list of links to the posts (they’re listed just under my XBox gamer tag). I’ll be updating these as I add new items as well.

I’ve heard some great feedback and comments from the series…glad people are liking it!



# re: Some notes on Ignite Your Life series…

I'm sorry but your series lost all credibility once you posted who you were taking advice from!!!
8/12/2008 9:30 PM | Justice~!

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