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PDC 08 – Universal Attendee Party

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 12:06 PM

I have to tell you that this was the *best* Universal attendee party EV-AR! I’m sure many wouldn’t agree, but that depends on what your feeling is towards horror movies.


Universal Studios, in preparation for Halloween, has transformed the theme park into a horror-themed exhibition, and it didn’t disappoint! Upon entering the park, we were greeted with some walking skeletons and an addition to their entry statues…one that moved…and had claws on one hand…


Passing the front statues, we were then accosted by chainsaw wielding clowns…


After narrowly escaping with our lives, and stopping at the Pizza Hut Express to get a cheeseburger, fries, ice cream and drink, we continued on. Unfortunately, the next block of the park had experienced a biohazard disaster, and the military were there trying to guide us through the zombie-infested street…



Escaping the biohazard, I wandered into what appeared to be a safe house…something about Freddy’s Hell House or something…sounded fun. This experience took you through all the key moments in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and it was awesome! Got sprayed with water and startled pretty good.


One of the many rooms in the Freddy Hell House attraction.

Ending that, I decided to check out the studio tour event. On the way I met this really nice girl…she didn’t say much, but we shared a moment…which was a little too long since her friends were an axe-wielding guy with a burlap sack and another chick with a bloody knife.


The tour ride was AWESOME! They take you to this area and then have you walk through a maze which takes you from a demented version of some happy kids imagination land, through the camping area of Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees), the Bates Motel and House (Psycho), the rural home of Leatherface and his family (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and of course along the way there are chainsaw wielding baddies, Jason Voorhees clones, the Psycho Mr. Bates himself, and the demented family of Leatherface.



But then we came to the last area of the ride, and it was just amazing (for me, since it was the first time…I’d heard that was a Rambo area before or something, so maybe others had seen it without the Halloween makup). In fact, I was annoyed with the fake Freddy’s and zombies as I walked through the area. It was a replica of a plane that had crashed into a neighborhood…but it was so massive and well done that it was just awe inspiring…



There were houses as part of this area which were damaged and dead passengers still strapped to seats that had been ejected from the crash. Very kewl indeed.

Then there were the pig heads with chainsaws (after I while I was like “Ok , I get it…they have chainsaws…its getting old).

So then I met some buddys (Blake and Josh) and we hit some other rides together. Jurassic Park was LAME. I said at the beginning “I hope they don’t just add animatronic dead people to make this Halloween-ish.” Yup, that’s what they did. Was still fun though! Short ride, but fun.


We then made our way to see Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure! Next blog post will give a rundown of that because its so messed up you need to have its own post to describe it.

On the way out, I got some photo ops with some big and chicken men…



And that was the evening…and then: Howl At The Moon!



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