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w00t – 70-516 Exam Defeated!

Sunday, August 29, 2010 1:25 AM

So proud to say that I defeated the 70-516 Microsoft exam which covered data access with .NET 4.0!

Obviously because of rules around taking Microsoft exams I can’t get into details about what I encountered, the things the questions focussed on, etc. But really I don’t have to since Microsoft is listing really good details on what’s covered and what percentage of the exam you can expect questions from the different areas.

Experience obviously plays a role in determining how successful you’ll be, but I also leveraged some other materials in my study.


I took advantage of the free video day this past Friday, and the content is awesome! Great production quality and excellent content! The EF 4 series was very well done.

Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition (Julie Lerman)

I picked up Julie’s newly released 2nd edition of her EF book and it was an amazing resource for preparing for the exam! The book is well written and there’s a tonne of content…she *really* knows Entity Framework!

Definitely review the Skills Measured list at the link I embedded earlier. This is truly a *data access* exam, and EF is just a part of how you handle data within .NET 4.0.

On to WCF Services in .NET 4.0!


# re: w00t – 70-516 Exam Defeated!

Nice job, D'Arcy!

I see that the two testing centers in Winnipeg are on Taylor avenue (interesting...) I have never taken a Prometric exam so I was wondering a bit about the logistics of it. Can you describe the actual testing center and the environment (I know you can't talk about the contents of the test itself, which is understandable).

I was actually studying for 70-536 a bit on and off for the past couple months (it's the base .NET exam for all the pre VS2010 certifications) but apparently Microsoft is retiring this exam in October 2010!? I've only been working in the .NET world for about a year and a half so I thought it would be a good place to start. But now, apparently I have to work on the .NET 4 certification such as the path you are following.

Well, I guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board and work more before going for exams. Since they change the technology so fast, I was going to certify for VS2008 never mind even thinking about VS2010 (until a couple more years). Sheesh.

Any thoughts? Suggestions for a relative newbie in the .NET world?

Thanks! 8/29/2010 12:42 PM | Andre Marion

# re: w00t – 70-516 Exam Defeated!

GG D'Arcy! Thanks for the Tekpub link. Good stuff.
I'm now doing the 70-516 exam.

Last saturday I completed the WCF 2010 cert 70-513.
MeasureUp practice exams are good. The MS Training Kit for 70-503 is still valid outside of REST and some instrumentation.
Juval Lowy's book is a good book for WCF, but better if you're an ongoing WCF/Azure dev.
There was a Jquery data access question on the exam :-D 9/21/2010 10:40 PM | John Simon

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