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WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 1:12 AM

[UPDATE Nov 25/2010]

So last night I plugged my phone into my pc to charge, which brought up the Zune software. I wanted a few more apps, so I downloaded them from there. Phone synched, and I went to try my apps. I thought “What the hell”, and tried to access an app on the marketplace. This time I didn’t get the “This item is not available from the Marketplace catalogue”, I got some message about an error and a hex value.

I tried to access an app again to see if I’d still get the error message and…*POOF*…I have full access to the marketplace over wi-fi!

I have *no* idea what caused the switch, it was nothing that I did intentionally! I did notice that the prices are now higher (BeJeweled was 4.99, now 5.49), and I’m assuming its because I’m hitting the Canadian marketplace and not the US one.

Weird, yes, but its working so…yay?

[End Update]

I’m getting acquainted with my Samsung Focus, and so far I’m really liking the hardware and the software! The WP7 OS is very slick and the screen is very responsive.

I’m noticing a few oddities and gotchas (like how to find the MAC address that I blogged about), but one that really gets me is the process to install applications from the Marketplace. I think there’s something wrong, maybe in some aspect of the configuration, but here’s what I’m experiencing:

On the phone (which is connected via my home wi-fi network), I go to the Marketplace and browse the applications. I pick one to install, but when I press the install button I get this message back:

This item is not available from the Marketplace catalog.

This happens for *every* app, free or not. However, if I go to my Zune desktop software I can download the app there. This leads me to connecting my Focus back up to my computer to synch up.

Except that it doesn’t actually synch…well, it does, but it doesn’t actually install any of the programs. Take YouTube for instance. I selected it to be installed from my Zune desktop app. I connected my phone and went to the marketplace area. There I’m told that synching is done, but I need to disconnect the phone to see the results (REALLY?!). When I do, I don’t see anything showing what apps have been installed recently. When I go to the app-list, YouTube isn’t there.

So I go to the marketplace on my phone, search for YouTube, and try to install it. This time I’m told the app is already installed (O RLY?!), but would I like to install it again? Yes please.

Finally, the YouTube app is on my phone. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE!

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something messed up. I’m on it to try and find a solution, but does anyone reading this have any ideas?


# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

I guess SP1 will fix that... lol

- wd
11/23/2010 8:21 AM | WilliamH

# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

I'll see your problem and raise you a blank MAC address. Seriously, the other morning I just noticed I couldn't connect to WiFi any longer. Using the diagnosis trick, I was able to get to the "version" screen that shows the WiFi MAC address and its nothing but zeros. I'm pretty sure that's not right. I have to wait till after the holiday weekend for support.

Sorry to hear about your marketplace issue - thus far I haven't come across a single error there.

11/28/2010 1:15 AM | Brad

# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

Hi There,

I have the same error that you had "This item is not available from the Marketplace catalogue". However, i noticed that it happens if you don't have an active sim card (for tracking purposes it seems...).

Thus, my question for you is: did you have an active sim card by the time you experienced this issue? I'll try tonight your procedure (the Zune trick) to see if i can get rid off the problem.

Thank you.
7/8/2011 1:33 PM | Tidjani

# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

Hi again,

I tried the Zune trick and was able to download apps from the market place to my phone by going to the exact same steps as you. However, i'm still not able to download apps directly from the marketplace to my phone over Wi-fi without going through Zune. Can you please tell me (if you remember) what was that app that "unlocked" the ability of your phone to download apps over wi-fi. I'll try with it. May be there is some magical thing in this app... :) 7/11/2011 12:30 PM | Tidjani

# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

Recently happened the same when I installed the Showbox app from an app store called TUTUApp and I was getting some odd additional app installations in my android phone. 5/31/2017 4:42 AM | Henry

# re: WP7– Odd App Install Behaviour

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