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WP7 – Samsung Focus May Never Do MMS? We’ll See…

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:37 AM

I blogged last week about my experiences so far with my Samsung Focus on the Rogers network (phone is unlocked and branded AT&T). So far, so good, except for MMS – Multimedia messaging. In fact, nobody who’s using an unlocked Focus on a different network seems to be able to get this working.

My buddy Colin did some digging and even contacted Samsung’s support account on Twitter. Here’s the horrendous response:

Over at WPCentral they have an article talking about this issue, and they mention that “Microsoft is aware of the problem and it has been escalated”.

DAMN WELL BETTER BE! The fact that Samsung was allowed to handcuff functionality to a carrier, when no other phones seem to have this restriction, is ridiculous! I’m a very loyal Samsung customer, and have been very happy with all the other Samsung products that I own, which includes the Focus, but this decision is ludicrous! One of the great things about the WP7 devices over the iPhone is that we aren’t locked in to what a given vendor or manufacturer dictates we can/can’t do with a device as far as carriers and features.

Wake up Samsung, Focus users are not just going to take your support account rep’s answer with a smile and nod.


# re: WP7 – Samsung Focus May Never Do MMS? We’ll See…

Im having the same issue AT&T Branded Focus on Telus not Rogers. I've been researching - someone was saying ChevronWP7 use to work but I can't even get ChevronWP7 working anymore... seems broken. 12/27/2010 12:59 PM | Jessie

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