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March 2011 Entries

Mystery of the Uncooperative VS.NET 2010 Installation SOLVED!

Back in August I blogged about an issue I was having with VS.NET 2010. I had installed it on a clean pave of Windows 7 64-bit, but I was getting weird issues with the designer for ASP.NET and I couldn’t add EF files into my projects. The weirdest part was that when I went to the properties of my project, the framework version drop list was empty…no frameworks, 2, 3, 3.5, or 4, were listed! Now to be sure, my graphics above are tongue in cheek, and the VS.NET team has actually been fantastic in reaching ......

WP7–Where’s My Update?!

“Where’s my update?!”

If you’re one of the many WP7 owners who are asking that same question, good news: Microsoft has created a site that you can check the status for your country and your phone/carrier.

You can check it out here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/features/update-schedule.aspx


VS.NET 2010 SP1, Win 7, Parallels, and a MBP–Hell, my friends…HELL!

LightSwitch Beta 2 is out. That’s how all this started. All I wanted was to install it on my MBP’s Win7 Parallels VM. But as I’m finding with running a Win7 VM on a MBP, nothing is as easy as it should be. First my MBP froze during the SP1 installation. Not my VM crashing, the entire machine freezing…no mouse, nothing. Had to do a hard reset. BLECH. Then we’re back and I try to re-install SP1 (since the first try obviously failed). I get met with a dialog asking me where silverlight_sdk.msi was. ......

Winnipeg IE9/WP7 Boot Camp April 5th!

Microsoft, along with local Winnipeg-based company Online Business Systems, are bringing you the IE9/WP7 Boot Camp event on April 5th! This is a *FREE* full day event with four sessions (2 on WP7, 2 on IE9) and will provide you with a great understanding of the technologies and how to leverage them! I’ll be presenting the WP7 sessions, and Lyle Bryant will be presenting the IE9 sessions. We’re holding this event at the Imax theatre, and will be providing breakfast and lunch! We’ll also have great ......