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WP7–Mango Introducing Private Marketplace

Friday, April 15, 2011 11:18 AM

One of the questions I get asked most about WP7 is what the enterprise story is. With the initial release of WP7, there isn’t one…at least not like iPhone which offers an internal server application for distributing apps within an organization, or BlackBerry with their BEZ server. Currently all apps need to go through the AppHub marketplace for WP7. A friend of mine working on a non-public app worked around this by requiring a seperate unlock key to be used, but this isn’t practical over the long term.

Luckily we got some great news at Mix this week, and Mary-Jo Foley reported on her ZDnet column specifics. There’s two new marketplace offerings that will launch along with the Mango release. Beta – which will allow apps to be posted and *not* require certification, but they’ll be timeboxed for availability. The second is Private, which removes private apps from showing up in the general search and requiring a deep link into the marketplace to find it.

wmpoweruser.com has a great write-up with a screenshot from a Mix presentation showing the differences between the three marketplace offerings.

Great news overall for enterprise WP7 devs!


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